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Where to find new space in your current home

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Published: 01/29/2018 by Home Pros Guide



Your family has outgrown your current home, but you can’t afford to buy a new one. How do you add the space you need to your existing house?

Instead of braving a competitive market to buy a new home to meet the needs of a growing family, many are instead opting to upgrade their current home.

Here are a few ways to obtain that extra space you may need.


Sometimes a little extra space can make a big impact. One way to gain square footage is to do what’s called a bump-out, which is a small addition created to expand an existing room. Many people choose to expand their kitchens this way, but you can also bump out bathrooms, bedrooms and laundry rooms.

Finished basements

If your basement is finished but not serving your current needs, consider a remodel. A chopped-up basement can be reconfigured to create a den or playroom, while an open space can be divided into rooms for extra storage or added privacy.

A basement can also be transformed into an accessory dwelling unit, or ADU — just add a bathroom, kitchenette and separate entrance, and make sure it meets local building codes.


One of the most popular ways to add square footage is with a full addition. There are a variety of options that fit any home’s footprint and logistics. Build up, out or even down — all will add to your square footage and your home’s value.

So how much will this cost? The short answer — and the one you will likely hear from any designer or builder — is, “It depends.” Be wary of anyone quoting you a price without plans and a list of design choices.

If you choose to move forward with any of these home upgrades, be sure to hire Professional at the start of your project. Having a Pro on the team from the beginning will make the process go smoother and typically save you both time and money.