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Transform Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary

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Published: 02/28/2015 by David Baker


Transform Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary

If you feel stressed and tired at the end of the day, the last thing you want is a chaotic bedroom to sleep in. Instead, you want your bedroom to be a place of rest, of calm and of sanctuary. Take a look at our tips for restyling your bedroom into a sanctuary.

Keep your Bedroom Exclusive

While it may be difficult to keep your bedroom free of other duties, it is important to keep this room for sleeping in. Don’t set up your home office in here, that can go in the living room or the dining room instead.

Your bedroom needs to be a room with a sole purpose: to ensure that you sleep well.

No Electronics

As part of this, you need to take electronics out of your bedroom.  This includes TVs, computers, even your phone. Without them, you will sleep better. There are studies that suggest that watching TV before bed disrupts your sleep cycles. It is also believed that children with TVs in their bedrooms score lower on school tests.

Having no electronics means that you have less clutter, which means less cleaning too.

Invest in Your Bed

Your bed is the main event in your bedroom, so it needs to be good. If not for the way it looks but for the way it feels too. A new bed doesn’t have to be expensive either, especially if you kit it out well. Take a look for cheap beds that you can add to. If you can’t afford a new mattress, then think about adding a mattress topper to add that little bit of luxury to your sleeping experience.

New bed linen goes along way when it comes to your bed, too. Really invest in high quality, high thread count bedding to make sure that your bed is soft and inviting. The same goes for pillows and duvets too, purchase the best quality that you can afford.

If you want to go all out, consider a canopy for the bed. You’ll create a more tactile experience and you’ll feel like royalty.

Soothing Colour Scheme

An important part of restyling your bedroom as a sanctuary is making sure that the colour palette of the room is soothing, as opposed to passionate or busy. Neutral, earthy colours or cool, pastel colours work well like green, light blues and browns.