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Tips to Hang Your Curtains

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Published: 08/22/2018 by Home Pros Guide


Any drapery can block light and boost privacy, but a perfectly fitted treatment also can change the apparent size of a room, hide or correct awkward windows and give your space a sharp, orderly appearance, no matter if your aesthetic is traditional or modern. To help you get your curtains just right, here are some guidelines for height, width, installation and more. 

Tall and Long. In almost every scenario, the best place to hang a drapery is at the ceiling line, either right at the ceiling or just below a bulkhead or molding, and stretching down to the floor. This gives the longest possible appearance, which can make small spaces look larger and large spaces look grand.

Straight Across. Using pairs of panels on one long curtain rod or track is usually the most polished option, even for complex sets of windows, such as a bay window, or a wall with windows and patio doors.

Wall to Wall. Another approach is to simply curtain an area wall to wall. This helps erase any oddly placed windows and creates a clean plane, making for a beautiful backdrop to other design elements. However, solid curtains also can look fantastic wall to wall, especially if you layer furniture in front of them. You can even layer art or a mirror on them for added interest by including a slit in the curtain to allow a point of attachment back to the wall.

In-Window Shades. Another smart option for tight spaces is to use an in-window shade, rather than hanging a curtain. This can look sharply modern in a solid color or more romantic and traditional in a charming pattern. Either way, a shade that sits inside the window frame won’t need any extra stacking space at the sides. Instead, it will need to stack at the top, so again, a thinner fabric will ensure that you can reveal as much of the window as possible when the shade is up.