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Three Things that Ruin Your Vineyards and Tips to keep them at Bay!

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Published: 07/29/2013 by Smit Sanghvi


One of the biggest challenges that you face as a vineyard owner is keeping the pest, birds and animals away from ruining your property. You must take different measures to tackle each of these miscreants. Take a look at the three major kinds of disturbances you can expect to see on your vineyards and learn how to keep them at bay.

1. Fungus: There are a number of a number of diseases that can spoil your vineyard. Some of the most common ones being fungus, black rot and mildew and other types of fungus and the common cure of all these is a good fungicide. People use this common cure for all kinds of diseases but the key here is to give right cure of different types of diseases.

Take a close look at the vine leaves in your vineyard and that is where you would detect different types of diseases. This is why it is important that you keep examining vine leaves regularly and look for any kind of sign of decay. Dark brown centers and yellow spots are some of the classic indications of decay. Few other signs are spots that you see on leaves and leaf discoloration. All these sign indicate that there is some kind of disease in your vineyard and you need to detect it to give the respective treatment.

2. Fox: If you know a thing or two about vines then you know how important branches are for them as without them you can expect them to bear fruit. What is also very interesting to know is the branches and vine are very similar to each other in terms of life, tasks and nature; it can be safe say that one cannot exist without the other.

Once you have a vine of your own it is very important that you protect them in an organized and smart way as there are many factors that can mess with your vineyard. Something that has been destroying the fruits and ruining vineyards for years is the bunch of tiny little foxes. They devour the grapes and tear the branches apart. Yet another interesting fact to note here is it is not wolves or the older foxes that step inside your vineyard to destroy them, rather it is the younger ones who cause the nuisance. From a vineyard owner’s point of view, younger or older doesn’t matter as their precious vineyard gets ruined anyway.

The problem doesn’t here. What has been noticed far too often that when these young foxes are not caught at the right time then they feed on these vineyards and grow fatter and bigger and more heinous than what they already are! One should understand that foxes are cunning and deceitful by nature and it is very important that they are checked at the right time of their addiction cycle. It is just like getting the taste of blood an animal wants to go on and on. One of the best ways to keep them at bay is of course by having a good vineyard fencing in place, which doesn’t allow these tiny cunning creatures to step their feet on your vineyard.

3. Pest Birds: Birds are perhaps the most common challenge that a vineyard owner has to face while protecting his property. A vineyard must realize that a flock of birds can cause serious havoc in their vineyards, which could lead to a lot of damage. Controlling the intrusion by pest birds is really a daunting task but if right measures are not taken on time then they can potentially cause more damage than you can imagine.

One of the best ways to avoid their intrusion is putting a net across the trellis. Of course the classic scare crow, whistles and fake birds can also be used to shoo away these flying intruders. Make sure the netting is the right one as you want natural air and moisture to circulate around your vineyard. This is necessary for their good health but at the same time they should be practical enough to not let any kind of bird sneak in through its holes.

So, make sure that you protect your vineyards from these 3 major problems.

Author bio:

Smit Sanghvi is a vineyard expert and counsels many vineyard owners on how to farm, protect and maintain their properties. He loves to share tips on vineyard fencing through his blog.