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Things Homeowners Should Do Immediately To Save Money

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» Roof Repair
» Security Cameras
» Windows


Published: 04/27/2018 by Home Pros Guide


With the rising costs of living, finding ways to save money is something that everyone should do. Here are a few things to do immediately that will reduce the maintenance costs of your home.  

Check The Insulation in Your Attic.

If you have an unfinished attic, pop your head up there and take a look around. You should see insulation up there between the beams, and there should be at least six inches of it everywhere. If there’s inadequate insulation up there – or the insulation you have appears to be damaged – install new insulation

Lower The Temperature on Your Water Heater Down To 120 Degrees Fahrenheit (55 Degrees Celsius)

This is the optimum temperature for your water heater. Most people don’t use water hotter than 120 degrees — indeed, water hotter than that can scald you or a child — and thus the energy needed to keep the water above 120 degrees isn’t used effectively. Lower the temperature, save money on your energy bill, and you’ll never skip a beat.

Install A Home Alarm System

Did you know that homes without security systems are 2.5 times more likely to be targeted by burglars and intruders? But installing a home alarm system isn’t just to stop burglars and intruders, it can also save you big money year after year. A house alarm will save you money on your homeowners insurance policy (which is generally mandatory if you own a home).

Reduce Your Electricity Bill With Solar Panels

For Homeowners, rising monthly electricity costs can make you feel like you’re always living paycheck to paycheck. The good news is that now more than ever the government is offering subsidies to install solar panels. That means if you live in a sunny part of the United States, you may be able to qualify for a free installation, and it will significantly reduce your electricity costs in a matter of weeks

Save Money on New Windows

Many people opt to replace old drafty windows at home with new energy-efficient ones. Replacing old windows can also lower your utility bill by 40% per month and increase your home’s curb appeal.

Save Money on a New Roof

Similar to replacing your windows, replacing your roof can be an expensive investment faced by all homeowners, but it’s something that’s necessary. The damage caused by leaky roofs and poorly insulated houses could end up costing anywhere from three to five times more money in the long run.

Automate Your Thermostat.

You can manually turn up the thermostat as you walk out the door to work, and adjust it down when you come home in the evening. Now you can replace all the thermostats in your house with an smart learning thermostat. It learns your schedule to keep your home comfortable when you are home.

Upgrade Your HVAC System And Save On Money and Energy.

Old heating, ventilation and air systems suck energy and finances and after several years just don’t get the job done like they used to… The goal of a good HVAC system is to provide thermal comfort and good, healthy indoor air quality.