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Spruce Up for Spring: Quick and Easy Interior Revamps

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Published: 02/23/2015 by Hannah Wilson


If you don’t have the time or the money for complete renovations, brightening up your home with some new furnishings can be a really quick and easy way to revamp your home ready for the upcoming summer months - here’s how.




Underrated but full of impact, a couple of new cushion covers can help bring a splash of colour into a dull room, either with a few different shades, as in this picture from Home and Garden; or be brave and go for contrasting colours. Cushion covers are also a cheap project for the budding sewing enthusiast, as you only need a little fabric - it’s also a fantastic way to add some small personal touches to a new home without making huge changes.



Another incredibly simple way to revamp your existing furniture is to switch things up with some throw blankets - perfect if re-upholstering the sofa isn’t quite for you. You can change the thickness throughout the year, leaving the heavier fabrics for the winter and light for summer; as well as playing with different colours and prints to create the appearance of light or warmth. Like with rugs, texture is also a factor for you to change up as you wish to make more subtle changes: think linen for the summer opposite faux fur for the winter.



One of the easiest, yet most dramatic ways to revamp a room is to change up the curtains, especially if you need to adjust the amount of light you let into the room. Ready made curtains are cheaper than custom made, while still allowing for plenty of choice for you to express your personality throughout your home. Pre-made eyelet curtains are also a great choice for students or people living in rented properties, as you can layer your new design over the landlord’s existing curtains to make your home feel more personal, and take them with you when moving.



If you have tiled or wooden floors, a new rug is the go-to option for adding not only warmth, but decor to your home. Brightly patterned rugs are an excellent choice for adding an accent to an otherwise plain room, or alternatively a plain rug can add an extra smattering of colour to your existing theme. Texture is particularly important to consider when choosing a rug, whether you go for a more standard carpet type, or a thick and fluffy retro model, as in this example - where the print is simple, but texture makes an impact.