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Selling Your Property: How to Secure a Speedy Sale

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Published: 03/30/2015 by Hannah Wilson


When it comes to selling your home, follow these top tips to secure the quick turnaround that you need.

For many sellers, achieving a quick sale ranks amongst their primary objectives. After all, it carries many benefits: it keeps any fees to a minimum, ensures that the property chain remains in motion, and helps to compress the stress of selling into a shorter timeframe.

However, for some people, it is not only advantageous, but also vital. If your finances have taken a turn for the worse, achieving a quick sale can be one of the only ways to release the funds that you need.


If you’re pinning your hopes on a speedy sale, here are a just a few tips to help you achieve the turnaround you desire…


Price Your Property Correctly

A much overused and arguably ineffective ploy is for sellers to price their property for more than it’s actually worth. Their reasoning is easy to understand: they believe that if they ask for more than they want, they’ll achieve the price they really desire even after negotiations have taken place.


Unfortunately, this tactic rarely goes to plan. When you price your home for more than it’s worth, the implication is that you have an unrealistic expectation of the value your property can command. Very few buyers are foolish enough to pay over the odds, so the majority will simply pass over your property in favour of others.


The solution is simple: price your home accordingly. This doesn’t mean that you’re obliged to accept less than you want, and it can save a lot of time on negotiations further down the line.


Be Flexible

When it comes to viewings, people will want to visit your property when it’s most convenient for them. If the only time you can find to complement you both is two weeks down the line, that’s an additional two weeks that you’ve added on to the process of any sale that is made.


It’s time to reconsider your attitude. You want to sell your property quickly, and the best way to do that is to get people through the door at the earliest possible opportunity. If the hours you work are inflexible, try to find a way to manoeuvre around this, whether this means handing the responsibility for showing people around over to your agent, your spouse or even a good friend. Whether it’s morning, noon or night, find some way to make sure that potential buyers can visit when they want.   

Approach a Quick Sale Company

Of course, these two pieces of advice are simply ways to improve your chances of a quick turnaround, but there is also one way to guarantee it.

Quick sale companies are increasingly prevalent, and they can be very useful for people that need cash quickly. Some enterprises work on the premise of not only guaranteeing a sale, but also having the sales price of your property transferred across to you within just seven days.