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Pros and Cons of Home Security Cameras?

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Published: 03/05/2018 by Home Pros Guide


Residential camera surveillance systems are becoming increasingly popular. If you’ve considered adding cameras to your home’s security, check out the benefits and drawbacks of home camera systems.


Deter break-ins, especially local ones. Cameras will likely deter local neighborhood burglars. If someone living in your area was going to rob you, they’d probably steer clear of cameras because homeowners will recognize them.

Choose cameras specific to your needs. Almost all companies offer two types of cameras. One type uses a digital video recorder (DVR) and allows homeowners to record continually. The other camera type records short clips, such as a 30-second video. The clips are valuable for young families, because parents can record when their child comes home from school and have the clip sent to their phone by email or text message.

Verify your alarm system. Most alarm companies won’t send police unless it’s verified through audio that it’s a true emergency. It’s easier and quicker to confirm a break-in if you have cameras, so you or the alarm company can call the authorities with confidence.


No guarantee someone won’t break in. Many break-ins aren’t perpetrated by local residents, so those burglars are less concerned about cameras. In many cases thieves look right at a security camera, but still burglarize the home.

It doesn’t mean you’ll catch them. A lot of homeowners want cameras so they can find out who’s breaking in, but even if the footage captures their face, that doesn’t guarantee they’ll be caught. It’s much more effective to first install an alarm system for basic home security, and then add cameras.

Loss of privacy. Posting cameras in and around your home, even if you’re monitoring them yourself, could make some family members feel like they’ve lost privacy however the benefits of the systems outweigh this.

A security camera can provide a feeling of security. It’s about the idea that there is an eye on things, property, loved ones, pets, business, etc. Security cameras are really just eyes – glassy, unblinking eyes that can remember everything they see, memory space permitting.