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Motorized Blinds: Top Advantages of Adding Some Technology To Your Window Coverings

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Published: 05/20/2015 by Mariana Sarceda


As you can tell, there are many advantages to buying motorized blinds for your home. Remember them the next time you plan to update your home windows.

Springtime is often that time of the year when most homeowners start thinking about home improvement, now that the days are warmer and the sun is shining. It just seems natural make some home improvements.

Those interested in improving their windows should consider adding motorized blinds to them. These technical advancements offer plenty of valuable advantages that make your house safer, more energy efficient and more elegant.

Here are some of the top advantages motorized blinds have to offer to you and your family.

Make Your Home A Safer Place for Kids and Pets

From dangling cords that children and pets can hold on to while playing to long cords that lie on the floor and that your children can get entangled with, traditional blinds can make your home an unsafe place for your children and pets. Motorized blinds allow you to say good-bye to pull up cords or strings that can hurt the youngest members of your family.

Enhanced Security

Some of the most advanced models of motorized blinds come with programmable control systems that allow you to operate your blinds automatically throughout the day even though you’re not at home, thus giving your home a real ‘lived-in’ appearance for added security.

Enjoy a More Energy-Efficient Home

We all know that blinds make a difference in the way your home helps you save on energy bills. From helping you keep your home warmer in winter to staying cooler longer in the summer, using your window blinds wisely can have a positive impact on your monthly energy expenses.

However, the truth is that most homeowners, especially if they have large windows with heavy blinds, find it quite annoying to always manually raise and lower their window blinds as needed, especially if there are more than two windows that need to be taken care of. This can be solved with motorized blinds. In fact, you only need to press a button to get your blinds in the position desired… and in no time at all!


Ventilating your home and letting natural light in are two important factors for homeowners. If you have lots of windows to manage, introducing motorized blinds to your home can save you precious time. Most motorized systems can be operated from a single control or can be operated individually by simply pressing a button.

They’re Easy to Install!

These blinds are easy to install and most window professionals can help you with this in case you are afraid of installing them yourself. There is a wide variety of these blinds available in the market and you can rest assured that you’ll find one that suits your style and budget.

Also, operating motorized blinds is super simple and there is no need for you to read a long users’ manual to learn how to operate them.