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Love Your Tall Windows Safely - Call In Professional Window Cleaners

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Published: 11/17/2012


If you fell in love with one of those beautiful homes with a two story foyer, you know that your tall windows are a mixed blessing. You enjoy the light they bring in, but you notice every streak and smudge and ugly mementos from passing birds. For a homeowner faced with cleaning these stunning windows, accessibility and safety may lead you to call professional window cleaners to get the job done.

Shedding Light On Hiring A Professional

Window washing is not complex, but when you have two story windows (or higher), special equipment is required. Unlike a typical double hung second floor window where a careful home owner can clean both sides with a squeegee, a two story window needs to be approached from both inside and outside with ladders, scaffolds, or poles.

Professionals often use water-fed poles with attachments on the end to clean and dry the windows. Some use power washing or repelling equipment from the roof. Even if you think you might be able to manage completing the project yourself, navigating the ladders can be dangerous, while obtaining streak-free results with a pole is difficult.

Though hiring a professional to clean windows once or twice a year can be costly, professionals know what they are doing, assume the risks, and guarantee their work. The bonus is that many window cleaning companies also do other things, such as gutter cleaning, changing hard-to-access light bulbs, and cleaning lights, mirrors, and shower doors. If you have a chandelier in the center of your foyer, a professional can clean it, change the bulbs, and dust the molding and corners. You'll pay for these add-on services, but not as much as if you called someone out for only these tasks.

Finding A Competent Window Cleaning Company

If you hire professional cleaners, consider the following questions to make sure you are getting competent service. Also consider collecting and calling references.

  • How long have they been in business? Look for window washers who have been in business for a while or one that works all year, not just in nice weather. This makes it more likely that the workers are not just students working summers or moonlighters.

  • What type of insurance do they have? In case a worker falls off a ladder or breaks your window with water pressure, you want to make sure you will not be liable for injury or damage. Your home insurance may limit or may not cover damage from pressure washing nor from day laborers employed by you or even the company.

  • What is the price and what does the quote include? Do want inside and outside window cleaning? Do you have screens? Does the quote include other odd jobs?

  • What type of water do they use? Some use tap water, but other use deionized water, which is purified when the ordinary water passes through the water-fed pole.

  • What is their guarantee? Are there exclusions? You should be satisfied with the results and the company should be willing to return you redo what they missed.

Whether you own a home with tall windows or are considering buying one, planning ahead for professional window cleaning is an important part of your routine maintenance.