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Get Organized Now! DIY And Custom Closet Solutions

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Published: 08/23/2012 by Neomi Shrenker


If you have walked down the closet aisle of a big box store recently, you probably saw so much white vinyl-clad shelving that you thought you were caught in a snowstorm. Closet systems, complete with hardware, brackets, drawers, and baskets, win a lot of shelf space! Whether they use coated wire, laminated wood, or plastic, these DIY systems are popular and offer a convenient and affordable way to organize any closet in your home. There are also professional closet companies that specialize in organizing other people's stuff. They can create a custom closet solution from the ground up, or just help you maximize the space you have.

The Clutter Dilemma

The "stuff" that accumulates in your home can overwhelm you unless you manage it. Old clothes, new clothes, and multiple accessories in your bedroom closet expand to the point that you can't find what you want. If you have ever re-bought a blouse or a belt you unknowingly already had, you know that an unruly closet can cost you time, aggravation, and money.

When discussing organization and clutter, the elephant in the room is that you probably don't need more of what is already threatening to take over. That's why the best starting place when you're organizing is to get rid of outgrown or unworn clothes, appliances, kitchen gadgets, books, and more. Donate them, sell them, or pitch them! For the avalanche of catalogs, magazines, and mail accumulating, regularly throw out or recycle what you don't truly need to keep.

DIY Off-The-Shelf Solutions

There are many organizational tools will help you manage what you really need to have around the house. The DIY systems on the market today are do-it-yourself products for those with basic skills and tools. However, shelves and closet rods must be properly attached to your walls so that they can bear weight. You might have to cut shelves down a bit to "customize" them. If you aren't handy, installing closet organizers ] or even a single shelf is better left to professional closet companies.

Professional Closet Design Companies

If you need some ideas about creative way to use space so you have more storage, professional closet design companies can help with organizational and storage needs throughout your home. Some companies specialize in transforming a closet with built-in drawers, shelves, racks, and rods placed at different levels. This custom approach offers you personalized design and a well-built solution to storage in your bedroom and throughout your home.

Beware Magic Solutions That Add To Clutter

Organizing your space takes organization in itself - and self-discipline. Late night infomercials and catalogs always have a system to sell, complete with magic hangers, telescoping hangers, storage boxes and containers, racks that spin or fold up, and more. To make sure you do not increase your clutter with useless products, read online reviews before you buy to see whether other customers have found the items worthwhile.

There is no substitute for good design in planning how you will organize your home. If you need suggestions, many of the major closet organizer manufacturers, such as Closet Maid, have design tips and templates online. Professional closet organizing companies are also useful in helping you maximize storage space and many even offer free estimates.