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Enhancing Beauty And Function By Upgrading Your Bathroom

» Bathroom Remodeling


Published: 11/02/2012


Just when you thought that upgrading your bathroom meant getting a new sink and toilet and splurging on a Water Pik, a quick look at modern bath trends shows that this functional room is quickly becoming a room of relaxation and beauty. Incorporating some trends may involve knocking out a wall, adding some square footage, or rerouting the plumbing, but some upgrades will just replace what you have now to create a more spa-like experience.

Enhancing The Basics

The toilet has long been the focal point of the bathroom. As modern bathrooms move beyond accommodating basic functions, modern toilets are often enclosed. A wall or partition between the toilet and rest of the room makes the room seem like more of a spa. It also allows two people to use the area without totally compromising privacy. If it's been a while since you bought a new toilet, you might be surprised by the range of designs, features and water-saving options.

Bathroom sinks made in colors to complement the décor are nothing new, but with the advent of the vessel sink, design possibilities have exploded. Looking a bit like an old time wash basin that graced Victorian homes, the vessel sink is often a work of art. With prices starting at under $100 and going into the thousands, you can pair a beautiful sink made of porcelain, granite, stainless steel, glass, and more with a great looking faucet and base for a contemporary look at a reasonable price.

Relaxing In Style

Tub and shower combos are traditional in bathrooms, but as there are many new ways to enhance the bathing and showering experience on their own, tubs and shower have gone their separate ways. As with vessel sinks, you can add a separate bathtub that is a work of art. Often free-standing, elevated, and decorative, the tub might have whirlpool jets and other amenities to encourage a long, relaxing soak. With a great sound system and a flat screen TV, you can relax in style in a bubble bath.

Meanwhile, separate showers can include features to make them convenient, relaxing, economic, and beautiful. When freed from the tub, showers can be surrounded with recycled glass tiled walls or rounded enclosures made entirely of glass - or be walk-in areas surrounded by nothing, with drains on the floors and directed water jets in the ceiling. Quick showers tend to take less water than baths, but new technology in showerheads can increase water pressure and save water by introducing air into the mix to allow luxury at an affordable price.

Kicking Your Upgrades Up A Notch

To truly customize your experience, you can have a programmable shower that digitally sets the temperature, volume, and massage settings on entry-level models; and sound, steam, and more on some higher-end models. If you want to experience the massaging effects of water even more, you can add body jets to the sidewalls of your shower.

Beyond enhancing the basics, some homeowners have worked with their remodeling contractors to create more space in their bathroom so it becomes a relaxation center. The extra space can accommodate that large free-standing tub or walk-in shower you want, or even provide an area for exercise equipment or a massage chair or table.

Even if you keep your room size and plumbing configuration the same, you can still incorporate many luxury upgrades. A little time online or reading a home improvement magazine will give you many options and get you thinking about your new in-home spa.