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Bring A Bit Of Fort Knox Security To Your Home With A Metal Door

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Published: 08/24/2012 by Neomi Shrenker


When the U.S. Government wanted to secure its gold, they locked it behind a 22-ton steel door at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Twenty-one inches thick, the door is one of the many security measures in place at the facility, which is heavily guarded and off-limits to visitors of any kind.

While you probably don't store bars of gold bullion in your home, you are still every bit as concerned about protecting your home and family. Because these doors are so strong, you may be among the growing numbers of homeowners who choose steel as the metal of choice for your exterior doors. Always popular for businesses, metal doors are becoming a common replacement door in the residential market as well.

Why Choose Metal Security Doors?

Doors are most commonly made of wood, glass, and fiberglass, in addition to steel and other metals. Any of these materials open and shut to let people enter and exit, repel the elements, and keep intruders out. Steel just does it better, according to many homeowners. Here's why:

  • Because it's strong, steel outperforms other materials in vandal resistance, sound reduction, security, fire rating, and more. Steel doors are hollow, but have cores to improve their acoustics, fire ratings, and insulation properties.

  • Good quality steel doors require little maintenance, especially in comparison to wood. They resist dents and warps and hold paint well. A steel door can last more than 30 years if you take care of it.

  • Steel can be painted any color and can even be textured to resemble wood grain. In a case where you want a real wood door to match your home, you can even buy a door with a wood exterior and a steel interior.

  • To add style to your home, steel doors include windows in many attractive configurations.

  • Steel stands up to the elements including high winds and extreme temperatures.

What To Consider When Buying A Metal Door

Not all steel doors are the same. When selecting a steel door, you need to be aware of the gauge of steel used and the material used for the core. The lower the gauge of steel, the better the quality. You want a door of 22-gauge or lower, as this quality is strong, holds paint better, and is lower-maintenance. Cheaper 24-gauge doors flex, which causes paint to chip off and leaves the door subject to rust. The other thing to consider when selecting a steel door is the interior core. A polyurethane foam core offers great insulating and energy-efficient properties.

If you have special needs for a door that is extra strong, fire resistant, resistant to hurricanes, or has other special properties, local residential doors companies can help you choose one that's right for your needs.

Your front door is an important aspect of curb appeal, and a well-chosen metal security will also beautify and protect your home while still being inviting to visitors.