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Best Methods To Clean and Repair Wet Grout


Published: 07/15/2013 by Jerrod LAck


Novices who are involved in the process of grouting will find it to be a frustrating and exhausting experience. There is no doubt that grout can be messy; it is essential to clean it thoroughly from the surfaces of tiles to impart a polished finish. The main factor in the process of grouting happens to be timing. Waiting for an extended period of time may lead to the drying of grout which makes it almost impossible to remove. Grout, when sanded, becomes easier to work with in comparison to unsanded grout. The approach used in case of grout repair and cleaning should depend on the size of the joints to be filled.

Unsanded Grout: Which is the Suitable Method?

When dealing with grout that is unsanded, it is important to keep the surface of the tile as clean as possible. The ideal technique is to use a grout float. The float is used to smooth the grout within the gaps. The edge of the float must be used to go back over every single tile in order to scrape off any extra grout. Removing the excess grout from the surfaces of the tile will prove to be very tricky without causing any sort of disturbance to the grout present in the joints. In case you face a problem in the process, you may use a dry sponge. Another option is to wait for some minutes in order to give the grout between the tiles sufficient time to set. You have to ensure that you keep on working without a pause; as soon as the unsanded grout has become dry enough, it becomes almost impossible to remove the grout without causing any kind of damage to the tile.

How to clean Sanded Grout?

If you are experienced in working with unsanded grout, sanded grout repair and cleaning will prove to be extremely easy. You will notice that sanded grout seems to wipe off very easily. Even though you need to ensure that the tile surface remains as clean as possible, you do not have to worry about sanded grout sticking to the tiles until it becomes a shade lighter which indicates that it has started to dry. At this point, you need to go over the tiles very lightly with a slightly dry or damp cloth or sponge. The sanded grout will then begin to fall from the tile surface. If you notice that the grout has also started to fall from the cracks, it can mean that either the sponge you used was too wet or you should have waited a few minutes more before you started cleaning.

Buffing Tiles while Grout dries

When the grouts present in the joints starts to dry, you will notice the appearance of a film or haze on the surface of the tile.  As soon as this occurs, you have to buff the tiles using cotton gloves or a dry cloth until they begin to shine once more. You must repeat this process many times until the tiles haze over no longer; under normal circumstances, you will get a break of few minutes between every round. If you allow the grout to dry up completely without buffing the tiles, the haze will remain forever.

Careful Water Usage

When you are involved in sanded and unsanded grout repair and cleaning, you will have to wait a minimum of 24 hours before you run water over the surface of the tiles. The time span may be more if the weather is humid. As soon as you ensure that the grout has dried completely, you can direct a hose or shower at the tiles in order to remove excess grout dust you may have missed earlier.

Author Bio : 

Jerrod Lack is associated with a Clean and Repair Wet Grout company. In his job he frequently comes across people who are unable to offer proper care to their flooring because of lack of knowledge. Jerrod utilizes his free time writing tips for cleaning different types of floors. For more information on Clean and Repair Wet Grout you can visit his company website