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Benefits of a Space-Saving Murphy Bed.

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Published: 04/03/2018 by Home Pros Guide



A Murphy bed is best known for its ability to fold up against the wall and clear floor space when not in use. These days, Murphy beds are used in far more applications than just small studio apartments. You can probably find a use for one in your own home.

Types of Murphy Bed

The head end stored inside a large closet located in the wall of a bedroom or living room, is one of the most common style of Murphy bed found. In such a style, both the Murphy bed and the closet are concealed behind a pair of closet doors. A variation in this particular type is also found, wherein the bottom of the bed is a solid panel which when fold up to looks like a wall. The other type of Murphy bed is mounted on the swing arm, unlike the previous, where the head end was on casters. A similar type of Murphy bed is the hideaway bed, which also folds up when not in use. However, it is not concealed behind a wall or closet. Instead, the hideaway bed has a dual purpose - it can be used as a shelf or desk.



With its ability to hide away, you prevent wasting valuable floor space during the day. This leaves you with more room to play, exercise or spend time on other activities besides sleeping.


A Murphy bed in your office or craft room turns it into a temporary guestroom with a flick of the wrist. That way, you don’t waste an entire room as an unoccupied guestroom when friends and family aren’t staying over.

Also, a wall bed in your child’s room can easily accommodate more room to play during the day. This is a lifesaver if you don’t have a spare room for your child to get excess energy out during playtime.


They are economic and pocket friendly. This means that you can have a bed for night, without compromising the free space of your room required for the day time, all at a cheap and affordable price. At times, the Murphy beds prove to be cheaper than the regular ones.



You might just have to compromise on the comfort quotient when you get a Murphy bed. The main reason for this is these beds use wire mesh instead of box springs. In comparison to the regular beds, Murphy beds may not be as comfortable or sturdy as.


Since Murphy beds do not have headboards, footboards, or bed rails, they provide no scope for decoration. So, if you are an aesthetic lover, Murphy bed may be a wrong option for you.


Since you are limited by space, you need to fold the bed every morning you get up. This task may become tedious to some people over time.

Whether you’re facing houseguests with no guestroom or a child’s small bedroom you can probably find a use for a Murphy bed in your own home.