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Add Curb Appeal And Value To Your Home With Landscaping

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Published: 09/07/2012 by Home Pros Guide


Nothing instantly improves the curb appeal of your home more than good landscaping. Good landscaping is well thought out and about more than planting a favorite type of tree or flower in the yard. A properly landscaped yard will feature a variety of plants and flowers scheduled to bloom at different times, so the yard is more than a "one-season" wonder.

What Should Your Landscaping Plan Include?

Personal vision and appropriate scaling. Your plan should reflect your personal wishes and be implemented on scale with your home and lot size. Assuming the plants and trees you love grow well in your area, include them in your plan. If you have a tiny lot, over-planting the area will look cluttered.

Your needs and lifestyle. Your landscaping should not just show off your home, but also fit your lifestyle. Do you like to sit outside? Are you planning to add a pool or an outdoor entertainment center? Do you want a flat space for playing sports? Do you have kids that need a safe play area in the yard? Is your yard so large there are parts far from the water source? Do you plan to maintain the yard yourself or hire landscaping services? Your answers to these questions will determine what you need and where you should plant trees, flowers, and foliage.

Professional advice. A landscape design company can help you plan the placement of plants and flowers so your landscaping looks symmetrical. Also, he or she will suggest plants that will bloom at different times and are different heights, so your yard has color and balance throughout the year. If you have long-term plans for a pool, deck, patio, or outdoor feature, make sure to mention them to the designer at the beginning, this way a phased plan can be created for a smoother transition.

Your budget. Landscaping can be an endless budget drain, unless you have a plan. Professionals say landscaping is 30% more costly than other types of home improvement projects. Plants, fertilizer, and other garden supplies are costly; adding them to your yard will either take a lot of your time or, if you hire landscaping help, will be an additional cost. Making an impulse purchase here and there increases the cost and throws off the plan. If your budget is limited, you can start with the basics and add more each year, according to the plan.

Once Your Landscaping Is In Place…

Yearly maintenance. Once you have your shrubs and trees in place, they will need some yearly upkeep. Tree trimming in particular is often a job best left to professionals - especially for larger trees. Replacing annuals each year, adding new elements, fertilizing, and caring for what you have will be an ongoing project for you or your landscape service provider.

Hire ongoing help. Once you have a good plan, you can hire someone to implement it or do it yourself. The same goes for the ongoing maintenance of your yard. If you don't have the time, interest, or inclination to cut grass, garden, and do other landscaping chores, you can hire a landscaping company to do all or part of the work. Your yard will only stay the way you desire if you have a plan in place for handling the upkeep, otherwise it will become an unruly mess.

Landscaping adds curb appeal, personality, and value to your home. Careful maintenance will make your home more beautiful each year, especially as your trees and plants grow and mature.