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8 Habits to Save Time and Get You Organized


Published: 01/26/2018 by Home Pros Guide



It's time to simplify your life! Try adopting these 8 habits of highly organized people.

1. Establish a launching and landing zone.

Every home needs a place just inside the door where things that are used on an almost daily basis can land. These items can include purses, wallets, keys, book bags, shoes, phones and mail.

This landing zone also is the launching zone for things that are going out the next day, This will keep you on time, because you won’t be scrambling to find your keys, purse or cell phone as you head out the door.

2. Do it now.

The more you put off doing, the more overwhelmed you're going to feel at the thought of dealing with all those things later.

Tackling things when they need to be done helps to break down the job of being organized into easy-to-manage pieces. Doing a load or two of laundry a day is easier than trying to dig your way through piles of dirty clothes just to get to the washer every week or two.

3. To-do lists.

Not only make to-do lists, but they do the things listed on them on a regular basis. This habit not only helps to break things down into smaller pieces, it also keeps your focus on your priorities and goals — and enables you to accomplish them.

4. Have a home for everything.

It's hard to put things away when you have no idea where they should go. Highly organized people take the time to assign a "home" for all of their belongings based on their use and purpose.

5. Return everything to its home daily.

Find time on a regular basis to return things to where they belong. Spending 15-30 minutes returning things to where they belong before going to bed each night keeps clutter and disorganization at bay.

6. Make your bed daily.

It's amazing how much peace (and joy!) taking the time to do this simple little task can produce. When you head to bed after a long day, it feels so much better to walk into your room and see a bed that is peaceful and inviting, rather than a bed that requires time and energy from you to clear a spot just so you can lie down and rest.

7. Prioritize, set deadlines and follow through.

One of the most important things you can do is to focus your time and energy on what's really most important. Setting deadlines for your goals or tasks is a very helpful habit that motivates you to take action and/or follow through in a timely manner.

8. Leave early, allow extra time.

People know that invariably, things tend to take longer than we imagine they will, so they pad in extra time for most things they do. They allow 30 minutes for a drive that normally takes 15 minutes to account for a potential accident, heavy traffic or road work. By padding in the extra time, you're seldom late and ALWAYS less-stressed.