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5 Things Which Make the Step in Tubs Different From Ordinary Bath Tubs

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Published: 03/14/2014 by Lovisa Alvin


Nothing in life can serve as an alternative to a warm and soothing bath. But elderly, kids and people with disabilities or mobility issues cannot access an ordinary bathtub. That’s why step in bathtubs are becoming quite popular around the world. They aren’t just safety bathtubs for seniors and kids- they also serve as an excellent choice for those who want more convenience and bathing comforts. Considering that bathrooms are one of the most dangerous places for slip and fall accidents, having step in tubs can reduce one’s chances of falling and hurting themselves. At the same time, they provide a list of luxurious features and facilities to make your bathing experience more comfortable. Here is a list of five factors that make step-in tubs different and a more viable option than ordinary bathtubs.

More range of customized options

When you buy an ordinary bathtub, what kind of factors you can customize? Well, you can customize the body of your bathtub, its size, its color and material. But step-in tubs offer you more variety than your regular bathtub. From choice between number of rotational jets to size, material and adjustable handles, almost everything about these tubs is customized. Since walk-ins and step-ins usually have one piece shell and sub-frame steel, you can choose between variety of features, such as optional therapy systems, including additional heater for keeping water warmer, wall jets, hydro massagers deck mounted shower heads.

Reduced mold and bacteria

Your regular, ordinary bathtub won’t drain quickly. And even if it does, it won’t be as powerful as a step-in bathtub. A well designed step-in will not just offer quicker drainage to ensure that they are safe bathtubs for seniors, kids and individuals with immobility, but they also come with a 20 minutes purge cycle. This cycle helps get rid of stagnate water which creates mold and bacteria. Every twenty minutes after the bath is switched off, the air motor of these step-ins blow out all excess water. Therefore, it needs lesser maintenance. So, you don’t need to scrub it for upkeep.

They are safer

Did you know that 250,000 Americans over the age of 60 fall in and around ordinary bathtub areas? Well, with step in safety bathtubs for seniors, you wouldn’t have to worry about broken hips and injured ankles anymore. Step in bathtubs have been designed to be wider and accessible through wheelchair or feet. While your ordinary bathtub is 1.5 feet tall and requires stepping over the length, a step-in simply requires the user to open the door and step into the bath. Therefore, it is a viable option for elderly citizens.

Designed for special needs

Just a single walk-in feature doesn’t give step-in an edge over the ordinary bathtub. It is a multitude of other features, such as adjustable height leveling legs and contoured seating area with bidet which makes them more convenient for regular users and people with special needs. Height leveling ensures that wheelchair bound people and kids can use them, while contoured seating makes them more comfortable. Deck mounted shower heads and safety handles make it more convenient for those living in hospice and assisted care.
All these factors distinguish a step-in bathtub from your traditional, ordinary bathtub. So, change your bathtub now!