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3 Quirky Storage Solutions For Your Office

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Published: 09/11/2014 by Jessica Parker


One of the most common problems that almost all employees encounter is the problem of storage because there is no dearth of things that requires a careful stacking up for all the employees working together under the same roof. When it comes to stacking up things, normal drawers and chests not just sound drab and boring but look that as well. Now the problem is you cannot do away without these things, but you need a proper storage space yet at the same time you don't even wish to settle down with just cupboards and chests, you want to add that extra thing to spice up your office. For many this sounds as if you are asking for too much, are you? The answer is obviously no because it is but natural for people to do up their work space in a nice way so that it looks well-designed and properly furnished. Also it brings in a lot of positivity and motivation.  

Need new ideas?

The need to keep your office well-furnished works brilliantly if you have some quirky ways to do it up. Since storage is one of the biggest problems. Here's bringing to you nice quirky ways of improving the storage facilities to give an all new look and gather compliments for yourself and earn kudos for your creativity.

3 Creative Ways of Improving Storage Facility at Work

These unique ideas will help tremendously in giving you an edge over others when it comes to designing your office and giving it a whole new wacky look. Find out what you can add to all this:

The Transformer Shelf – Just like in the movie we saw how the robots could easily transform themselves into portable mobile cars, this shelf helps you to do just that. Well, in this case the otherwise looking chairs can get transformed into shelves to store all the important documents and files of a particular company. This piece boasts of immense storage space and is easily nested in a corner of your room where you can pile up stuff those are important but you would not use them on a regular basis. These shelves work brilliantly as a nice sitting place with all things carefully stored underneath. That's not all, even the old cubicles can be given a modern twist by taking up the used office cubicles and making them a nice sitting area with everything neatly stored inside.

Fractal 23 dresser – These cascading drawers are available in a set of 23 hence the name. So you can imagine the kind of storage space this piece boasts off. These cascading drawers not just give you immense storage space but is also very appealing visually because this piece has a nice flow and continuity to it. This adds a whole new meaning and perspective to your office decor and makes quite an impression.

The stairCASE – A tall piece of furniture where the upper storage space mostly remains inaccessible unless you are standing up on a stool, but the piece as a whole looks very elegant. The best way to use this storage piece is where the upper compartments can be used to keep things that you would not use on a daily basis. This piece nicely uses up the corners of your room because the corners usually have no function.

These 3 quirky storage options are great ways of improving your storage options. It is necessary for you to give it a serious thought to jazz up your space. You sure want your office to have a difference with out of the box concepts. Therefore, it is time you corporate these ideas and give your work place a whole new meaning and attractive look. 

Jessica Parker is an interior designer by profession. She loves to turn any junk into an interesting piece that will grab attention. In her attempt to give office interiors a quirky twist, she presents this article helping you with ideas and suggesting how used cubicles in Orange County is a big hit now.